Jan 24, 2012

Gelas Cock Brand Groundnut Oil

Saiz besar tinggi....

Saiz pendek...

Chap ayam jagoh...

Bahgian tapak berbeda..

Some info about this groundnut oil:

Extracted from premium groundnuts and roasted to perfection, Cock Brand 100% Pure Groundnut Oil is renowned for its highly nutty aroma. Oozing an intense nutty flagrance, this pure groundnut oil enhances the taste of any cuisine – making each dish a tantalising one.

Only the freshest groundnuts are used to produce this excellent grade of cooking oil, one that is naturally free from cholesterol and trans fats. Cock Brand 100% Pure Groundnut Oil is also high in monounsaturates, making it the healthier choice for every household.

Available packaging include PET bottle, tin, jerrycan, drum, flexibag and IBC.

Jan 4, 2012

Coca Cola Hobble Skirt...Macam skirt ke patternnya?

Did you know that the Coca-Cola contour bottle is often 
referred to as the “hobble-skirt” design?
That’s based on its resemblance to a dress from the early 1900s
The dress was so narrow below the knees 
that it restricted normal movement -- causing a 
woman wearing the skirt to hobble when walking.

A postcard (circa 1911) depicting a man pointing at a
woman wearing a hobble skirt. 
The caption says....
"The Hobble Skirt: What's that? It's the speed-limit skirt!" 
as hobble skirts limit the wearer's stride.-Source pic-

The speed-limit skirt!!! Hahahahaha....
Memang sama bentuk botol tu...

Jan 2, 2012

Mug Quaker Oatmeal

Nice shaped mug!

Eat oatmeal for health!