Jan 6, 2011

Gelas Plastik OVALTINE : 22nd Olympiad '80 Winter & Summer Games

Gelas Ovaltine ni dibuat dari plastik keras dan designnya very simple with 3 colours
"The Official food beverage of the Olympic Games since 1932"

The makers of Ovaltine

Compare size dengan tin Coca Cola......tinggi sikit je kan??



  1. Hi Tuan Haji,
    Is there any problem keeping these plastic cups?
    Will the plastic turn yellowish with age?
    Thanks alot for sharing.

  2. whycollect: hi, i didn't find any prob keeping this plastic cup
    The plastic will not turn yellowish if you wrap it properly and keep it in a dry place and not exposed to direct sun light. What I like most keeping this plastic cups is they are lighter than the glass cups..thx :)& cheers!