Jan 13, 2011

Gelas Milo Ais

Gelas Milo Ais ni aku jumpa masa sibuk memburu barang Coke
Biasanya kalau niat nak cari Coke mesti jumpa benda lain...heran...

 Tapi gelas Milo Ais ni aku jarang jumpa...so macam biasa sapu jer..
Kualitinya memang baik....tebal & saiznya bole tahan besor...haha..

Kalau ingat ingat kan Milo Ais ni memang sedap...terasa rasa kat tekak ni..
Have a nice day!!!



  1. ini rasanya barang lama, seperti mug ais milo! emmm adakah gelas ini lebih tebal dari biasa?

  2. Ya bro...memang tebal dari biasa...

  3. Hi Pak Haji,
    Have you encountered glasses suddenly shattered by itself?
    Like it just shattered into small pieces like popcorn?
    Seen this phenomena twice while dining in restaurants.
    The glass of water just shattered right on the dining table by itself.
    Our apologies if this question is out of the topic here.
    But since you have such a wide range of glasses, thought you might be able to help.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Nice Milo glass here.
    Like the word AIS on the glass.
    Looks real cool, lol.

  4. Whycollect: I have never encountered any before..my opinion is that this glass may have experienced in sudden temp changes (eg: pouring a cold water in a hot glass). It also can be caused by the frequency of sound and most likely because of its aged...or do you like to think that it was caused by paranormal activity...hahaha...joking...thx for asking!:)