Dec 10, 2010

Kris Piggy Bank...for my lovely daughter..

Manis je muka anak bila dapat beli apa yang diorang nak kan...:)

Ohh...keluaran coklat Crispy rupanya...Limited Edition punya tu..

What a big egg you have there dear!!!...Is it a dinousaur egg? A T-Rex egg??

Menetas telur dah dinosaur ni...kaler biru & tengah makan coklat pulak tu..
Ada berserta 2 packet coklat Crispy bersama sama anak dinosaur ni..
Chomel...Ni la rupa tabung Limited Edition dari Crispy ni...

Dapat la anak aku makan coklat sambil tu dia boleh la start menabung
Aku beli coklat ni masa cuti kat Pulau Langkawi haritu...memang best Tabung ni!!



  1. Ni bukan dinosaur buayo kot...hahahaha

  2. Hi Pak Haji, came across your blog while surfing through others. Very interesting blog you have here. Your Coca-Cola collectibles are amazing. Thanks alot for sharing. Cheers.

  3. Hi whycollect, thanks for visiting...I have visited your blog and find it interesting too...Before this I was a coins & banknotes collector. So, I still have some in my possession to be shared in here...pls come back and u r welcome to be my follower as i will be yours too.

  4. Thanks alot for your kind thoughts, Pak Haji.
    The things that you've put in your blog are reminiscences of the good old days. Will definitely be coming back often.