Dec 13, 2010

Coca Cola Advertisement was banned?? Why?..

A Coca-Cola advertisement in the mid-80’s was banned 
because it clearly depicted a sexual act.

"The offending poster was part of Coke's $200,000 "Feel the Curves" campaign to promote the reintroduction of the company's original contoured bottle shape. The graphic artist had hidden an image depicting oral sex among the advertisement's ice cubes as a joke.

This was no joke, however - the artist was subsequently fired and sued, and Coca-Cola had no choice but to scrap thousands of posters." 

See the banned poster below:-
 Did you see pic hidden in the ice cube?
Great art but this is way too far for Coke..

I wonder if anyone still keep this poster...It might be very rare now
If it is rare it must cost a fortune to buy it then...hahahaha...


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